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Medical Weight Loss

Tired of Yo-Yo Dieting?  Are you ready to lose weight for good?  The medical weight loss programs at Advance Health Services of Miami may be the answer for you. Our facility has over five decades of experience helping patients with weight problems. Our staff of chiropractic, medical and therapy experts along with our medical weight loss programs take your medical and physical history into account when developing the plan that will help lose weight and keep it off for good.

Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Programs

At our facility, we offer many different weight loss programs. One program is the Lifestyle Change Program which involves receiving Lipo injections as well as appetite control medication that not only helps you lose weight but it can also have a positive impact things like heart disease and diabetes. Another program is the Fast Track Program. This program involves receiving daily medically prescribed injections of HGC (a hormone produced during pregnancy) that can spur rapid, long-lasting weight loss.  Another Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Program is CVR (Creative Visual Relaxation), which is a type of hypnosis that works on changing your eating habits and approach to food.

Medical Weight Loss Diagnosis

At Advance Health Services, we take a medical approach to weight loss. During your initial consultation we review your medical history to determine the best weight loss plan for you, whether it be CVR, Lipo Injections or the HCG medically prescribed injections. Your consultation will not only touch on weight and current diet, but your mental status and history as well.

After your consultation, we perform a basic exam, taking note of your blood pressure, pulse and current height. We may also examine your heart and lungs, hormone levels, and thyroid depending on your current age and how healthy you are.  To determine whether your Thyroid is over or under active, testing may need to be done.  If you have a family history of cardiac or heart disease, we may suggest an EKG.  The information gathered from your physical examination and medical history is used to determine whether or not you need further testing to choose the best medical weight loss program. 

Medications and Counsel

After we have completed your examination and diagnosis, we will decide what the best medical weight loss program is for you.  If you need to lose weight rapidly, we may suggest the Fast Track Program. If we have more time to work with then Lipo Injections or CVR may be a better fit for you. As part of our Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Programs, we make sure to educate everyone on the risks and benefits of the injections or any other medications that are prescribed. At Advance Health Services you're guaranteed to receive optimal care and service not only during the weight loss phase but afterwards to help you keep the weight off.

If you are ready to lose weight and keep it off for good using medical weight loss, contact us today.

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